Shadows Through a Spirit Window

Looking from the overlook to which a wolf had led her over ten summers past, Little Star and her mate Gray Eagle gazed at the valley, lake, and village of Besh ba Lakado, their home since then. After her mother, White Moon, and spirit father, Kokopelli, walked the path to the happy hunting grounds, they were leaving to become traveling traders...

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A fictional tale of the footsteps of a legendary bent-backed, flute playing, Casanova and trader of the Southwest, whose features were among those left as rock art on the walls of caves and canyons by... Read More
Regime Change You Can Believe In
Regime Change You Can Believe In: The Minimalist Joy of Opting Out
Learn how to live on as little as possible and accept it as a way of life–then celebrate it. The inevitable economic collapse could be a year away... Read More