Reflections on Oceans and Puddles

Where can we find a wellspring of inspiration to raise us out of our doldrums, rekindle our enthusiasm about everyday events, and encourage us to explore untested possibilities? Maybe we can find it in familiar places: within ideas and examples of people we know that illuminate higher values to aspire to; among simple interests and...

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When the Spirits Move: A Native American Creation Story
The creation story has been written by many people who lived from the beginning of time by their oral stories told through generations becoming legends and myths, as many were unbelievable, and almost all, unsubstantiated... Read More
Whispering Winds Remember
Whispering Winds Remember is the third book in a trilogy depicting the lives of the native people who lived in the 7th century throughout the Southwest, written as a sequel to Kokopelli: Dream Catchers of an Ancient... Read More