After You've Gone

Twenty-three-year-old Walter MacGregor (aka Wallie) craves adventure, her desires whetted by Sherlock Holmes tales. Her prayers are answered when her father’s rum-running brother Rory lands on the MacGregors’ doorstep, fleeing from enraged bootleggers. In quiet Gunmetal, Texas, during Prohibition, Rory’s tales of adventure charm Wallie, but appall her father, a respected judge....

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Reinventing Ourselves
Reinventing Ourselves
Today’s entire human society is experiencing the earliest beginnings of an unfathomably rapid and expansively impactful information technology revolution, one which promises to have profound transformational effects upon lives and livelihoods of... Read More
Fifty Shades of Black and White
Angels and Demons that Play
Dad would tell me, now this is jazz, now this is classical, and this is avant-garde...and so on. To me it was all just music. I either thought it was bitchin', or it wasn't. To me, classical is a period encompassing approximately the years... Read More