In Global Warming We Trust: Too Big to Fail

The climate has not changed much since the summer 2012 release of In Global Warming We Trust: A Heretics Guide to Climate Science — at least not much for the promoters of global climate doom. Yes, the disaster-monger tactics have changed somewhat, their hysteria has increased a bit, and much more money and politicking have been devoted to their dubious cause....

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The Girl Who Cried Wolf
The Girl Who Cried Wolf
Getting kidnapped on a visit to Seattle wasn't in Remy Brandt's agenda. A tightly-wound L.A. entertainment attorney, Remy has meetings to take and orders to give, but the three knucklehead environmentalists who snatch her have other plans... Read More
Radical By Nature
Radical By Nature: The Green Assault on Liberty, Property, and Prosperity
Environmentalism is a good idea that gets carried to a bad extreme on occasion by a few radicals. This is the standard critique of environmentalism—and it is false... Read More