My Land

‘Everyone always asks why I came to Finland. No one asks why I’m still here.’

Everyone has dreamed of leaving everything behind and starting a new life in another country. Few have gone beyond daydreaming and actually done it, but what happens when you take the risk and it all goes wrong?

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Bob The Right Hand of God
Bob: The Right Hand of God
When Bob appeared on television with his announcement, Chet Thomlin thought it was a segment from a science fiction movie.

Then people began to disappear... Read More
Deadly Odds 3.0
Deadly Odds 3.0
In this third installment of Dr. Allen Wyler’s Deadly Odds series, it’s a race against time for techno-geek Arnold Gold when Islamic terrorists target him for revenge. From Honolulu to Seattle, Arnold must use the tools of our information age to save himself and those he loves... Read More