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The Bequest

by Mike Farris

In the wake of a series of flops, two-time Oscar-winning actress Teri Squire’s career is in a nosedive. She needs to find a great screenplay to fuel her comeback, but no working screenwriter wants to commit a masterpiece to someone who is box office poison. No one, that is, except a despondent and unproduced writer who bequeaths his last script to Teri in his will then plunges off a cliff along the Big Sur coastline of California. In desperation, Teri accepts the bequest—and discovers the script is brilliant. After turning it over to her production team, and with the hype surrounding the circumstances of the writer’s death, the movie is on target for a blockbuster opening weekend that promises to resurrect Teri’s career—until a mysterious stranger shows up at her doorstep and casts doubt on what really happened that night at Big Sur. As her comeback descends into chaos, Teri finds herself as the prime suspect in a bizarre murder.


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“ I was pleasantly surprised by this book, well I think that is putting it a little lightly, I was stunned by this book. This is the first book by Mike Farris that I have read and it definitely won't be the last. This book follows Terri Squire as she is struggling to turn her acting career around. She is bequeathed a screenplay from a screenwriter who committed suicide. Terri ends up making the movie but finds herself the prime suspect when suspicions arise concerning the screenwriter's death.

At the beginning of the book I didn't really like Terri. I didn't feel much sympathy for her over her career trouble and I couldn't believe that she would let her agents come crawling back when the mysterious script showed up. As I read more of the book and Terri's past was revealed a bit more I started to like her and really feel bad for her.

There was so much that happened in this book, so much action. Just when I thought something else couldn't possibly happen to top the last mysterious death/shooting/chase scene something else would happen leaving me hanging on the edge of my seat. Everything kept building up towards an explosion at the end and let me tell you I was definitely not disappointed with the ending. I would highly recommend this book if you are looking for a lot of action and a lot of mystery. ”

Denise Pappas

Book reviewer at denise.booklikes.com


“ New book discovery is the tonic this patient needed

Whether fighting a simple 24-hour flu virus or dealing with the subject of doctors who trade copies of hospital MRI reports before debating on whether a patient should remain housebound — and I have lived them both in the past couple months — I would wager that either a good movie or a brilliant new book is the patient’s best tonic.

There is no way anyone can convince me otherwise.

Ah, but how about the discovery of a book set in the world of movies and Hollywood? Could that fresh new author really pull this off?

After reading a new novel by Mike Farris called “The Bequest,” my guess is an enthusiastic yes, and for a good many reasons. In fact, Hollywood also may bid on this story.

The tale manages to be gripping even when barely believable. For example, Teri Squire, a young, beautiful actress, already having won more than one Academy Award, stars in a series of bombs. Nobody wants to buy what she is selling. Her new movie is another “Heaven’s Gate.” The press turns on her, labeling her box-office “poison.”

But get this: The agency holding her contract plans to dump it that very day. Her manager, also her lover, also plans to turn on her, in effect firing her on the same day.

This is the most ridiculous and unbelievable part of the book.

A two-time Oscar winner may be shunned, even ignored or moved to the back pages in the Los Angeles Times, but never is fired... (Read More) ”

William Kerns

About Mike :

Mike Farris is a commercial litigator and entertainment attorney with the Dallas, Texas, law firm of Vincent Lopez Serafino Jenevein, P.C. As a writer, Mike is the author of the novels Manifest Intent, Kanaka Blues, Rules of Privilege, Wrongful Termination, and The Bequest. In the world of non-fiction, he collaborated with former ABC-TV anchorman Murphy Martin on Martin's memoir of his years in journalism, entitled Front Row Seat: A Veteran Reporter Relives the Four Decades That Reshaped America, and with Robert Hinkle to write Bob's memoir, Call Me Lucky: A Texan in Hollywood.