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Dream Makers

The Stairway Press Collected Edition

by Charles Platt

A reprint of twenty-four interviews from legendary science fiction authors with updated Introduction and added historical context by the author. Authors include Stephen King, Philip K. Dick, L. Ron Hubbard (maybe), Kurt Vonnegut and many others. This collection is finally back in print and provides a stimulating look behind the scenes of the individual writing process while illuminating the tough nature of the publishing business.


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What people are saying about Dream Makers


“ Wittily perceived and cleanly professional interviews with sci-fi writers, rich in information and wide in scope, free of indulgence and tunnel vision. ”

Philadelphia Inquirer


“ A magnificent achievement, exemplary in its insights, it's structure, its editorial restraint and perspective... A monumental work. ”

Robert Silverberg


“ Excellent prose profiles ... you get the feeling that you really know each person that Platt has talked with ... I recommend this book highly. ”

Amazing Stories Magazine


“ For the first time ever in a popular work of sci-fi nonfiction, someone is reaching into the core of the sci-fi experience, and finding in the midst of the implausible a kind of truth that holds for all attentive writers, in or out of genre ...pure genius. ”

Heavy Metal Magazine