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Lie Lay Lain

by Bryn Greenwood

Jennifer has a great job and a go-getter fiancé. She’s on track for success, until she witnesses a fatal hit-and-run. Mistaking Jennifer for someone else, the dying victim extracts an impossible promise. Jennifer’s fiancé wants her to forget the whole incident, but when she closes her eyes, she can still see the bloody face of the woman who asked for her help.

Olivia is in a rut. Burdened with caring for her brain-damaged brother and already feeling like a spinster at 27, she’s desperate to escape. In a moment of weakness, she tells a lie that draws an unsuspecting paramedic into her life. As she struggles to expiate the lie, a horrible act of violence will test her resolve to be honest.

Where Jennifer’s promise and Olivia’s lie intersect, their lives begin to unravel.


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What people are saying about Lie Lay Lain


“ In Bryn Greenwood’s gritty and unsentimental novel, characters struggle to balance what they know to be true against how the world wishes to see them. Dryly humorous and quirky, you’ll find yourself thinking about the issues it raises long after you’ve turned the final page. ”

Liz Michalski

author of Evenfall


“ Rarely does one find a character-centered book so gripping. From first page to last, Lie Lay Lain is impossible to put down. Greenwood’s eye for detail is phenomenal, and her dialogue so pitch-perfect that I don’t even feel like I’ve just read a book. I feel like I’ve become intimately acquainted with two very real people - aspirations, faults, insecurities and all. I tried to start another book after I finished Greenwood’s, and I couldn’t do it. Jennifer and Olivia were people to me; I cared about them deeply, and I needed time to let them go. ”

Ramsey Hootman

author of Courting Greta


“ What I really like about Ms. Greenwood's writing is her eye for the tiny details that lend verisimilitude to her characters and settings and bring them to life. Even secondary characters are well described and aren't merely cardboard puppets propping up the action. But the real draw is her central characters and their arc--the way a small, almost inconsequential action turns into a groundswell that upends everything and forces them to either change and grow, or surrender to mediocrity. It's about learning not to lie to yourself first.

The story is told in two viewpoints--Jennifer and Olivia--alternating in clearly marked chapters. Their lives--and lies--intertwine and tangle and unravel and reshape both of them. If I had any nit to pick it would be at the very end. The book opens with Jennifer and should have ended with her, instead of Olivia, to give more a sense of coming full circle. Jennifer's ending is inferred, but readers like to see justice actually done, and it would have felt more complete and satisfactory to me to have seen Jennifer's resolution and justice for Shanti actually on the page. But enough is there that I wasn't left unsatisfied. I'm greedy. I wanted just a bit more.

This book pretty much defies genre classification. It's a character-driven literary piece with elements of suspense, romance, and what is called "inspirational fiction." Don't worry about where to put it on your bookshelf, just enjoy Ms. Greenwood's deft storytelling and wonderful characterizations. (Read More) ”

P. Shaw

5 Star Amazon Review


“ A truly enjoyable read.

I love Bryn Greenwood's writing. Her characters are real people. You get to know them gradually. I love how the layers are added. A memory here, a reaction to a new event, there. And a plot-line to weave them all together that just keeps me reading and reading for more details about these people.

Jennifer and Olivia are two people that we can relate to. Parts of us are in each of them. And their struggles to interact with friends/family/work and church are what we deal with every day. But, the stories each of them are living, and the how the stories eventually come together are so well written.

Thank you, Bryn, for writing about people that I think about long after the book is done. ”

Lauri S. Shooltz

5 Star Amazon Review

About Bryn :

Bryn Greenwood lives in Kansas, which is as flat as you imagine but slightly more charming. When not toiling in obscurity as a secretary, she does her part to bring about the End Times by allowing dogs and cats to live together. Her hairless cats are plotting to overthrow civilization, while her two boxers turn the living room into the kill floor of a chew toy slaughterhouse. She is married to an extensive home remodeling project, and is currently not seeking treatment for her addiction to power tools and spackle. You can learn more about the myriad ways in which she wasted her youth, and find links to more of her stories at www.bryngreenwood.com

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