Broad Sides

One Woman’s Clash with a Corrupt Culture

by Ilana Mercer

From the Introduction:

Covering everything from Trade and Terrorism to Microsoft, Medicare, and Eminem, Broad Sides is a personal manifesto, on one level aimed at rolling back the modern Leviathan State and reclaiming civil society. More fundamentally, however, Broad Sides is a wide-ranging exploration of contemporary life through the filter of timeless principles – principles whose neglect has led to the West’s disastrous decline.


Curva Peligrosa Press

What others are saying about Broad Sides

In her new book, Broad Sides, Ilana Mercer is Scarlett O'Hara reincarnated with an intellect. She is dangerous and marvelous. She takes on today's corrupted establishment the way Scarlett took on the marauding Yankee soldier climbing the stairs at Tara to have his way with her. Read the rest of the review at Amazon

A number of very talented female conservative/libertarian columnists have burst onto the scene in recent years, but most of them seem to have turned into mere apologists for the Republican Party. Republicans Good, Democrats Bad is the preditable theme of nearly every column. Read the rest of the review at Amazon

Ilana Mercer's intelligent and courageous book BROADSIDES gracefully demonstrates to readers how important are the principles of the right to one's life, liberty, and property -- and how the violation of these principles causes suffering to the innocent, while benefiting the guilty. Most people agree that they must earn their living, that they should not rob or steal another's living - Read the rest of the review at Amazon