Fiona and the Black Faerie Prince

by Ken Coffman and Kristen Lolatte

From the Introduction:

Fiona Pascalle lives a quiet life enjoying solitude and gentle magic, but the world has a different plan for her. Unwillingly, she meets an old love and an imperious queen, but does everything she can to avoid meeting the mysterious princess Minerva. Who will live and who will die when Fiona and her friends meet the Black Faerie Prince?


Trade Paperback
Stairway Press

What others are saying about Fiona and the Black Faerie Prince

“Fiona and the Black Faerie Prince is one of those instructive fantasies that help us all to lift the veil between realities, both seen and unseen. Not short of intrigue or mystery, this engaging novel lends itself to late night reading, stretching the imagination to embrace multifaceted interconnecting worlds. A highly entertaining and enchanting read.”

    – Alex Holland, M.Ac., L.Ac., author of Voices of Qi – An Introductory Guide to Traditional Chinese Medicine