Hierarchy and Free Expression

in the Fight Against Racism

by Denis Rancourt

From the Introduction:

With courage and brutal honesty, polymath public intellectual Denis Rancourt turns his attention to racism and to its interactional, societal, psychological, and physiological basis.


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What others are saying about Hierarchy and Free Expression

“Denis Rancourt has turned the entire notion of RACISM on its head and at the same time exposes racist acts committed by others to deflect that characterization from sticking at the highest levels of The Academy. North American civil rights defenders need this book at this time. Rancourt’s deeply incisive Fight Against Racism brings us back to the reality of the struggle, away from the manoeuvring for class advantage and away from the victim’s desire to create illusions of state-given justice.”

    -Cynthia McKinney, First African-American woman elected to represent Georgia in the US Congressional House of Representatives and former US presidential candidate (Green Party)


“I disagree with several of the positions that this book makes, but I agree that censorship does nothing to combat racism, and that is a very important point that almost nobody except Rancourt dares to say.”

    -Jean Bricmont, Professor of physics at the Catholic University of Leuven and author of Humanitarian Imperialism.


“Denis Rancourt is on a journey. In 1810, there was one billion people in the world, today seven billion people, technologically superior but biologically the same, we continue to dehumanize and demonize other people on the road to new wars. Denis Rancourt is asking questions that our youth need to hear.”

    -Terrance Nelson, Co-Chair, American Indian Movement, Spokesman Okiijida Warrior Society, former five-term Chief of Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation