Last Will

by Bryn Greenwood

From the Introduction:

Bernie Raleigh fails at everything he touches. The victim of a kidnapping for ransom as a child, Bernie has spent his adult life trying to avoid being noticed. That’s impossible once he inherits his grandfather’s enormous fortune. The inheritance comes complete with a lot of obligations, a mansion, and a problematic housekeeper named Media Amos. Beauty queen, alien abductee, crypto-Jew, single mother – Media is all those things, and she may also be the only person who can help Bernie survive his new and very public life.


Stairway Press
Date Published:
April 24th, 2012

What others are saying about Last Will

"Bryn Greenwood is so good it hurts. Her writing is lean, precise, elegant and dripping with the telling detail--the understated bit of dialogue that reveals everything."

    -Robert Ferrigno, New York Times bestselling author of Monkey Boyz, Horse Latitudes, the Prayer for the Assassin trilogy and other novels.

"Last Will is a richly detailed story about finding love in a world that can scarcely offer the real thing. Bryn Greenwood's characters reveal their layer-by-layer complexity with each turning page. Their stories are heartbreaking, but never let go of dignity or beg for pity. Told without sentimentality, Last Will is an exceptional story overflowing with compassion."

    -Heather Sharfeddin, author of Blackbelly, Mineral Spirits, Windless Summer and Damaged Goods

"Bryn Greenwood writes about the wounds that define us, and the possibilities and limits of recovery, with precision, humor and an unsentimental clarity of vision. I can't wait for the next book from this fresh, original voice!"

    -Lisa Brackmann, author of Rock Paper Tiger and Getaway.

"A captivating, inspiring journey of two souls in need of healing."

    -Dr. Allen Wyler, author of Dead End Deal, Deadly Errors and Dead Head.