Exchange by Dale Cozort – What critics are saying

  Sunday Smith, writer for A Book a Day Reviews, recently reviewed Exchange by Dale Cozort.   Here’s an excerpt:   This plot is excellent. While the idea of modern man ending up in the wilds with the likes of saber tooth tigers, dinosaurs, and other ancient creatures, is not new, the reason for this in Exchange is unique. The set up of the swap and how it fits into later parts of the plot make quite a story.   The execution of the plot is entertaining. I enjoyed the part of the story where the ex-husband has so much working out for him.  Every time the reader thinks Sharon is finally going to ‘win’, something happens and Anthony gets the upper hand. I also enjoyed the vagueness of the Anna Morgan character, as well as other subplots.   The characters could have been more fleshed out but that doesn’t distract much from the telling of this tale. The story takes some interesting twists most of them surprising. The only things I did not like were some of the reactions of Sharon seemed strange given the life of her daughter was at stake and the execution of the romance part of the story seemed a bit forced.   Exchange is very interesting and I recommended to anyone who likes a general science fiction action story with a spot of romance.   Read More     -Sunday Smith   Find out more about Exchange by Dale Cozort   Exchange on Amazon  


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5,000 Books Part 2!

Bruce said a couple of things I found very interesting. From the deck of his house, with a cold beer in his hand, he can look out over the Fraser River Valley and see the result of the geological ages…the smooth, ground-down mountainsides where mile-thick ice did its work so few years ago…the ice sheets receded only 10,500 years ago. And, above the smooth mountainsides, the rough, ragged tops of the Pacific Range. We’ve been on this planet for a blink of a geological eye. As Joe noted, the ice caps melted and receded in two thousand years with nary an SUV or coal fired power plant in sight. The idea that humans can inadvertently modulate outgoing radiation and change the earth’s surface temperature seems like the pinnacle of hubris to me. Try doing it on purpose with all of our human energy on the 14.5% of the earth’s surface that is useful to us. Good luck. Joe’s wise comment about the current state of Climatology being like Astrology or Phrenology is spot on. Some scientists try to maintain rigor, but they are drowned out by the Warmist activists…and will share their inevitable ignominy. We handed Bruce his giant check… His response was wise… BK: The money is nice, of course, but the books…they change minds. After that, I’m nearly speechless. Well said, Bruce. In a few simple words he captures what we’re trying to accomplish at Stairway Press. Congratulations, Bruce K—. We’re pleased and proud to have you as a customer. To the buyers of book 4,999 (Rick in Fountain Inn, SC) and book 5,001 (Paul in Londonderry, NH)…you were very, very close. Perhaps you’ll have better luck with book 10,000.

Book #5,000…A Company Milestone

We’re not kidding ourselves, Random House probably sells 5,000 books in an hour–book #5,000 is a milestone they passed a long time ago. Still, we’re pleased and proud to mark this event. At the international headquarters of Stairway Press, we’ve been carefully watching the sales and waiting. We sat at book 4,999 and waited for the order to come in. Where would it come from? Which book would it be? Who would be the buyer? The anticipation was delicious. We wanted to mark the event and do something nice for the buyer…but what? It would be nice to deliver the book in person, but what if the order came from Connecticut or South Carolina (where recent books went). Or worse, what if it came from overseas? We’ve been shipping books to the UK, Australia, Holland. What then? Then the order arrived in our shopping cart. It turns out the buyer was nearby the Stairway Press headquarters…Mr. Bruce K— in Abbotsford, BC. I called Bruce and the conversation went something like this… KLC: Hello Mr. K—. BK: Hello. KLC: Recently, you placed an order for a book from Stairway Press… BK: I did? KLC: Yes. I would like to come up and deliver this book in person. BK: Uh, what? I buy lots of books and never had one delivered in person. KLC: Well, I’m trying not to ruin the surprise, but you purchased book number 5,000. This is a big deal to me and I’d like to meet you and deliver the book in person. BK: Uh, well, you know I am in Abbotsford, British Columbia. KLC: Yes, I know where you are. Can I come up and deliver the book in person? BK: Sure, I guess so. That seems like a lot of work, but okay. I didn’t want to tell him about the money—it surely seemed like a mysterious thing to Mr. K—. As an old man, it seems like unique experiences would be few and far-between, but I’ve never made a giant cardboard check before. Interesting. I made arrangement with one of the Slaying the Sky Dragon authors, Joseph Olson, to fly into Seattle (from Houston) and we made the trek to Canada. After a bit of driving in circles (really, Tom Tom GPS? I should drive straight ahead through the greenbelt?) we found Mr. K—’s house in a lovely Abbotsford suburb. Bruce left me a nice message by his doorbell. We had no idea what to expect. What would Bruce be like? Two heads? A hostile man with eyeballs shooting fire? He came out and welcomed us. We stood on his front porch and had a very pleasant conversation. For those who know Joe (who is a great man), he is a man that never at a loss for words.

Press Release: Stairway Press commemorates 5,000th book sold with a very special delivery

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE contact: Ian Larsen phone: 360.336.3366 email: Stairway Press commemorates 5,000th book sold with a very special delivery Mount Vernon, WA based publishing company Stairway Press is celebrating a landmark in the company’s success by arranging a special delivery of their 5,000th sale. Next week, a copy of Slaying the Sky Dragon: Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory will be personally delivered along with a $1,000 cash gift to an unsuspecting customer in Canada. This book is one of 11 books Stairway Press has published since the company began in 2009 with 2-3 new book releases scheduled for 2011. Ken Coffman, the Stairway Press publisher, said “it’s not a world-shaking event in human history, but I know for a fact that every company that sold a million books…somewhere in its history, sold 5,000 and we are pleased to join their ranks. To commemorate the event, the buyer will be pleased, I’m sure, to accept a check for $1,000.” Coffman goes on to say, “Our continued growth and success comes from working closely with our authors, finding hidden literary treasures and by creating a steady, unique collection of books that target discerning readers.” Coffman’s publishing company, whose tag line is “Carefully selected and edited books for discerning audiences” publishes books by authors who create compelling and interesting fiction, scientific and libertarian books. All books published by Stairway Press can be found on the company’s website:, and all other online bookstores. For More Information: or email Contact Phone: 360.336.3366

Slaying the Sky Dragon author on Dennis Miller Show, see what was said!

Joseph Olson, live on the DMZ…the Dennis Miller radio program March 10, 2011 Joseph is a co-author of Slaying the Sky Dragon—Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory which is available from and online bookstores like Amazon and Additional information is available from Transcript by Ken Coffman (contact: Dennis Miller: We’re going to go now to our guest, he’s Joe Olson, he’s one of the authors of the Book Slaying the Sky Dragon—Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory…a series of essays, I guess. Joey, welcome to the show. Joseph Olson: Hi. You’re aforementioned Miller-man? DM: That’s what they say. I was before—global warming affected me. JO: Host of the thinking man’s radio… DM: Listen, I don’t know about that. Now don’t start jerking me around here. But, I have never believed in global warming. Did you at one point, and you fell off? Have you never bought it? I’m documented on HBO specials for years now making fun of the concept. What’s your take? JO: Well, actually, I’m the science guy without the bowtie and this thing never made any sense to me from the get-go. But, until they started to be really threatening from a governmental level here in America, I pretty much ignored it. But I’m opposed to the faux-science witch doctors of climate change. DM: The smartest man I ever met did not subscribe to it. That would be, of course, Michael Crichton, and when we talked he did not subscribe to it and that piqued my interest. I love State of Fear [Michael Chrichton’s 2003 novel debunking human-caused global warming] and thought the annotation at the back of the book was very interesting. Tell us about your book Slaying the Sky Dragon—Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory…, how was it composed? JO: It’s available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and It’s a compilation of the works of eight different authors. I’d like to run through a brief little outline, quick, I’ve got a hundred articles posted at Canada Free Press [], The Freeman Institute and Climate Realist []…I’ve been cross-linked to two-hundred-thousand websites in a dozen languages and read into the congressional record. There’re three things about global warming that are glaring errors, one of them is thermal mass, one of them’s infrared transmission and one of them is CO2 toxicity. So, we can get into those if you want to or we can discuss the composure of the authors. DM: Let’s talk about the three things, you’re right, because the author’s names probably won’t mean much…but do it as ‘laymanesque’ as you can. While I don’t believe, also I’m not a wizard. JO: Okay. Well, first of all, thermal mass. You can take a red-hot BB and drop it in a swimming pool and they’re both going to reach the same temperature rather quickly as a function of specific heat, mass and difference in temperature. But I guarantee you, the BB will not warm the pool up much… DM: I learned that one night at Axel Rose’s house. JO: [laughs] So anyway, what humans have done is put twenty-eight giga-tons…that’s tons with nine-zeroes behind it…of carbon dioxide in the air. Carbon dioxide is a three-atom molecule…it’s like nano-dust. It’s plant food. Below three-hundred parts-per-million, plants atrophy, below two-hundred-and-fifty parts-per-million, they die. We currently have three-hundred-and-ninety parts-per-million…so that’s like a minimal level. DM: Yeah. Negligible. JO: Yeah. And the carbon that’s in the air will be absorbed by plants and something called the carbon cycle—which carbon life forms depend on. And it will turn into dirt or it will be absorbed in the ocean and it will be absorbed by marine animals and turned into calcium carbonate which we like to call CaCO3. Dirt and calcium carbonate have a weight of a hundred-and-twenty-five pounds per cubic foot… DM: See, you’re losing me now, Joey. I’m just jumping in and telling you, if you’re losing me, then I think you’re losing some listeners… JO: Just quickly… DM: But I’m telling you, you can take your time and lose me here, but I’m starting to get lost. Go ahead. JO: The twenty-eight giga-tons means less than three cubic miles on a planet with two-hundred-and-fifty-nine trillion cubic miles of molten rock…or three-hundred-and-ten million cubic miles of ocean. So basically, the carbon dioxide is the BB and the planet is the swimming pool. DM: Now I get it again. That’s what I need. If you said that to [Al] Gore and he was in one of his wild-eyed manic things, how does he counter that? What would he say? What would Gore say? Gore representing the other side. What would they say? That you’re just lying? Your facts are wrong? I’m always intrigued—when presented with empirical evidence, that’s not enough for them, right? They’re on the ledge and they ain’t comin’ in. JO: Well, yeah, they’re invested in creating another commodity market and so, they don’t have to have any scientific basis. DM: I do believe that. They’re into the ‘we-have- no-future’ futures…is I think, what they’re selling. JO: Yeah. It’s the credit-default swap of science is what they’re doing. DM: [laughs] The C-D-Os [Collateralized Debt Obligation instruments]. I just read The Big Short [The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine, by Michael Lewis], so I’m actually hip to that. Tell me the second thing…the second tine on your fork. JO: Yeah, the infrared transmission. The earth absorbs a full spectrum of sunlight during the day, then at night it re-radiates it. Carbon dioxide, because it can only absorb in certain spectral ranges, absorbs in the five and fifteen micron range. One of those it shares with water vapor, so if there is any water vapor in the air, the amount of carbon dioxide doesn’t matter. There’s only a limited amount of infrared radiation being given off from the planet, so the more carbon dioxide you add, it can’t add additional infrared radiation, so it can’t capture any more than a finite amount anyway. DM: So, Keep Reading…

Slaying the Sky Dragon Caption Contest! $100

Here is your chance to have some fun and win some prizes! The authors of Slaying the Sky Dragon need your help to come up with an entertaining caption for their cartoon. If you want to participate all you have to do add a comment below. Make it fun, all the authors of Slaying the Sky Dragon will be judging the entries and choosing the best to be printed on t-shirts & umbrellas! About The Book: Slaying the Sky Dragon: Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory reveals startling new facts that will reverberate among international policymakers and national science institutes. A team of world renowned scientists, scholars and climate experts detail how fudged equations exaggerated the heating effect of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere by a factor of three. This detailed volume not only shows CO2 cannot possibly cause such warming but, indeed, is really a gas responsible for increasing the atmospheric cooling efficiency. Prize: $100, Slaying the Sky Dragon Book (Full Color), and T-Shirt with the Cartoon & Your Caption printed. Add your entry below!