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First review of Ken Coffman’s ‘Fairhaven’

Fairhaven by Ken Coffman



J. R. Veatch, from Seattle, WA expresses praise for Ken Coffman’s latest novel, ‘Fairhaven‘:


“Jake Mosby is a grumpy, drunk, retired Seattle police investigator waiting to die. His plans for a quiet departure from his pain-filled existence are scuttled when he is drawn into a serial killer’s web of madness and “mercy” killings. Set in his (and the author’s) adopted hometown of Mt. Vernon, WA, the curmudgeonly Mosby and his slacker-punk grandson Nort are deputized by the local police; the ultimate “Odd Couple” creating a serious disturbance in the police force while working to stop a murderer destined to become one the most notorious serial killers of all time.


Fairhaven is an excellent read. Coffman creates complex characters that are wonderfully flawed. Without a single personality to cheer for, the author somehow manages to get the reader to invest in – and care about – the highly dysfunctional heroes of his story.”


– J. R. Veatch (Seattle, WA) Read more at Amazon


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