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Slaying the Sky Dragon author on Dennis Miller Show, see what was said!

Joseph Olson, live on the DMZ…the Dennis Miller radio program
March 10, 2011

Joseph is a co-author of Slaying the Sky Dragon—Death of the
Greenhouse Gas Theory which is available from StairwayPress.com and
online bookstores like Amazon and BN.com
Additional information is available from SlayingTheSkyDragon.com

Transcript by Ken Coffman (contact: ken@StairwayPress.com)

Dennis Miller: We’re going to go now to our guest, he’s Joe Olson, he’s one of the authors of the Book Slaying the Sky Dragon—Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory…a series of essays, I guess. Joey, welcome to the show.

Joseph Olson: Hi. You’re aforementioned Miller-man?

DM: That’s what they say. I was before—global warming affected me.

JO: Host of the thinking man’s radio…

DM: Listen, I don’t know about that. Now don’t start jerking me around here. But, I have never believed in global warming. Did you at one point, and you fell off? Have you never bought it? I’m documented on HBO specials for years now making fun of the concept. What’s your take?

JO: Well, actually, I’m the science guy without the bowtie and this thing never made any sense to me from the get-go. But, until they started to be really threatening from a governmental level here in America, I pretty much ignored it. But I’m opposed to the faux-science witch doctors of climate

DM: The smartest man I ever met did not subscribe to it. That would be, of course, Michael Crichton, and when we talked he did not subscribe to it and that piqued my interest. I love State of Fear [Michael Chrichton’s 2003 novel debunking human-caused global warming] and thought the annotation at the back of the book was very interesting. Tell us about your book Slaying the Sky Dragon—Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory…, how was it composed?

JO: It’s available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and StairwayPress.com. It’s a compilation of the works of eight different authors. I’d like to run through a brief little outline, quick, I’ve got a hundred articles posted at Canada Free Press [http://www.canadafreepress.com/], The Freeman Institute and Climate Realist [www.climaterealist.com]…I’ve been cross-linked to two-hundred-thousand websites in a dozen languages and read into the congressional record. There’re three things about global warming that are glaring errors, one of them is thermal mass, one of them’s infrared transmission and one of them is CO2 toxicity. So, we can get into those if you want to or we can discuss the composure of the authors.

DM: Let’s talk about the three things, you’re right, because the author’s names probably won’t mean much…but do it as ‘laymanesque’ as you can.
While I don’t believe, also I’m not a wizard.

JO: Okay. Well, first of all, thermal mass. You can take a red-hot BB and drop it in a swimming pool and they’re both going to reach the same temperature rather quickly as a function of specific heat, mass and difference in temperature. But I guarantee you, the BB will not warm the pool up much…

DM: I learned that one night at Axel Rose’s house.

JO: [laughs] So anyway, what humans have done is put twenty-eight giga-tons…that’s tons with nine-zeroes behind it…of carbon dioxide in the air. Carbon dioxide is a three-atom molecule…it’s like nano-dust. It’s plant food. Below three-hundred parts-per-million, plants atrophy, below two-hundred-and-fifty parts-per-million, they die. We currently have three-hundred-and-ninety parts-per-million…so that’s like a minimal level.

DM: Yeah. Negligible.

JO: Yeah. And the carbon that’s in the air will be absorbed by plants and something called the carbon cycle—which carbon life forms depend on. And it will turn into dirt or it will be absorbed in the ocean and it will be absorbed by marine animals and turned into calcium carbonate which we like to call CaCO3. Dirt and calcium carbonate have a weight of a hundred-and-twenty-five pounds per cubic foot…

DM: See, you’re losing me now, Joey. I’m just jumping in and telling you, if you’re losing me, then I think you’re losing some listeners…

JO: Just quickly…

DM: But I’m telling you, you can take your time and lose me here, but I’m starting to get lost. Go ahead.

JO: The twenty-eight giga-tons means less than three cubic miles on a planet with two-hundred-and-fifty-nine trillion cubic miles of molten rock…or three-hundred-and-ten million cubic miles of ocean. So basically, the carbon dioxide is the BB and the planet is the swimming pool.

DM: Now I get it again. That’s what I need. If you said that to [Al] Gore and he was in one of his wild-eyed manic things, how does he counter that? What would he say? What would Gore say? Gore representing the other side. What would they say? That you’re just lying? Your facts are wrong? I’m always intrigued—when presented with empirical evidence, that’s not enough for them, right? They’re on the ledge and they ain’t comin’ in.

JO: Well, yeah, they’re invested in creating another commodity market and so, they don’t have to have any scientific basis.

DM: I do believe that. They’re into the ‘we-have- no-future’ futures…is I think, what they’re selling.

JO: Yeah. It’s the credit-default swap of science is what they’re doing.

DM: [laughs] The C-D-Os [Collateralized Debt Obligation instruments]. I just read The Big Short [The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine, by
Michael Lewis], so I’m actually hip to that. Tell me the second thing…the second tine on your fork.

JO: Yeah, the infrared transmission. The earth absorbs a full spectrum of sunlight during the day, then at night it re-radiates it. Carbon dioxide, because it can only absorb in certain spectral ranges, absorbs in the five and fifteen micron range. One of those it shares with water vapor, so if there is any water vapor in the air, the amount of carbon dioxide doesn’t matter. There’s only a limited amount of infrared radiation being given off from the planet, so the more carbon dioxide you add, it can’t add additional infrared radiation, so it can’t capture any more than a finite amount anyway.

DM: So, on a planet that’s [covered with] eighty-percent water with a sun that heats it, there’s always going to be water pressure…or water vapor in the air.

JO: You hope. If there’s not, it’s a desert.

DM: [laughs] There you go. If not, we’re Charlton Heston in the future…we’ve just plunked it into a sandstone or something.

JO: But what they don’t tell you is the infrared radiation is electromagnetic, it travels at the speed of light, so this energy is leaving the earth at a hundred-and-eighty-six-thousand miles per second. It bumps into some carbon dioxide atoms [molecules], but the lapse time that it stays in each carbon atom [molecule]…is less than a billionth of a second. So, by the time you bump into a few of them on the way out? You’ve slowed that energy down by twenty milliseconds.

DM: Well, listen, I can tell you, to quantify that figure for the folks out there in the listening audience, if they pass cap-and-trade…that’s only a thousand miles-per-hour less per second than I’m going to leave the freakin’ planet. I’m not paying it. Third thing.

JO: The third thing is CO2 toxicity. NASA, when they were getting ready to put a fire-suppression system in the space shuttle and in the space stations…tested carbon dioxide…they saw no measurable side-effects in concentrations less than eighty-thousand parts-per-million. The air has three-hundred-and-ninety parts-per-million. We inhale that three-hundred-and-ninety…we exhale forty-thousand parts-per-million.

DM: But can I ask you the layman’s question? How many parts per million were they about to get in the movie [Apollo12] when they were going to die from CO2 poisoning? Didn’t they have to do an air cleaner or something?

JO: It’s absurd. You’re in buildings all the time with two-thousand parts-per-million.

DM: Okay. I didn’t know…I’m just asking. You’re the smart guy…I’m the dumb comedian.

JO: Every windbag on the Supreme Court creates a hundred-times more CO2 than they inhale.

DM: [laughs] I like it when you get to the latter part of your things and tie them together. They make more sense…‘cause I glaze over during the
number part.

JO: Back to Slaying the Sky Dragon…

DM: And the website, by the way, is SlayingTheSkyDragon-dot-com.

JO: That’s one of them. Yes. The collective effort of eight scientists from five countries who met on the Internet…one of them is a PhD-Climatologist [Dr. Tim Ball], one’s a PhD-Physical Chemist [Dr. Martin Hertzberg] , one is a PhD-applied mathematician [Dr. Claes Johnson], one’s a PhD Physcist
[Dr. Charles Anderson]…

DM: Don’t give me all eight here…eight smart guys. They meet on the Internet? Where? Craigs List or something? Where?

JO: No, we started writing articles…I have like a hundred articles posted at various websites…sixty at Canada Free Press, and in the process of reading each other’s work, we’d send each other a message. “Hey, great article.”

DM: Yeah.

JO: One of us said, “Hey, why don’t we get together and write a book?” The next thing you know we were writing a book and none of us had ever met. We’re from five different countries.

DM: Well, you got a wizard club there…now, listen, let me say this…and the book, once again, Slaying the Sky Dragon—Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory. We’re talking to Joe Olson. Whoever did the cover art? It’s great. It should be on the side of a van, it’s so cool. Who did the cover art on the book?

JO: It was done by two different people—the English version was done by John O’Sullivan…who’s one of the authors. The American version was done by Ken Coffman with Stairway Press. Yeah, it’s great cover art.

DM: It’s great looking. Thank you, Joey, for your time.

JO: Hey, appreciate it.

DM: John O’Sullivan must have been feeling his oats after beating up Gentleman Jim Corbett here…because this is a nice drawing and we appreciate Joe Olson’s time. And, I’m getting sun flares that are breaking up my connection, everybody. No, I’m not, I’m just kidding. Everybody try to cool out and enjoy your Thursday…forget the planet for a day. Back after this on the Dennis Miller Show.

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