Alligator Alley

Volume 2 of the Continuing Adventures of Glen Wilson

by Ken Coffman and Mark Bothum

From the Introduction:

Glen Wilson takes a business trip to Florida. After a wild party, his wallet is stolen. He wants it back. Need we say more?


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What others are saying about Alligator Alley

These guys smash convention with a riveting no-tricks look at the turbulent rugged edges of the American underground. Displaying heroics without the histrionics, the people in this remarkable genre defying novel set about to frustrate their enemies, to puzzle their friends, but mostly to live their lives in "don't screw with me" out of the mainstream freedom. Read the rest of this review at Amazon

What fun!! This guy Glen Wilson always lives on the edge and doesn't care about consequences, mainly because he always finds a way to beat the consequnces. He stumbles onto many colorful characters as he ambles through life from one scheme to another. Read the rest of this review at Amazon

Really good story! Once again, our hero-Glen Wilson, flips his nose at 'the man' and uses his once government contacts to take care of the bad guys. It's a fun/adventurous story...Read the rest of this review at Amazon