Black Dragon

Breaking the Frizzle Frazzle of THE BIG LIE of Climate Change Science

by Geraint Hughes

From the Introduction:

Global Warming theory is false and everything the liberal media teaches about greenhouse theory is wrong. Now, the great push back begins. In the new book, Black Dragon, the “Frizzle Frazzle” of scientific-sounding techno-babble mumbo jumbo, which bears no resemblance to reality, is decoded. Lies are unraveled and truth revealed. The “twaddle talk” about how greenhouses work by radiation or the lies that atmospheres back-warm planets and the ever ready falsehood that Venus suffers a “Runaway Greenhouse Effect” are all absurd. This book explains why. The deceptive experiments of the left are laid bare and true science is taught. Black Dragon breaks the code of deceit and teaches how greenhouses really work and how to use real thermal radiation equations to quickly approximate temperatures of simple objects in space. It explains how light bulbs work and how this mechanism disproves back radiation theory. It explains why a CO2 gas planet is cold and an Oxygen gas planet is hot. It shows the real factors at work in the infamous two gas bottle experiment. It explains Venus and goes on to prove oil isn’t really a fossil fuel. Oil is being unfairly demonized to force people to pay more. It shows what could be wrong with the often used mathematical proof of back radiation using two plates and why a basic two-dimensional flat plate model is inappropriate. This often used “London’s Calling 911” two plate model could be completely wrong itself. London should put the phone down and stop making crank calls. This book is a must read, it will change how you think about climate change. This true science should be compulsory teaching in all schools. The brainwashing of the high tax left must end.


Trade Paperback
Stairway Press

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