Buck’s Call to Duty

by Richard W. Conrad

From the Introduction:

Flamboyant. Reckless. Playboy. Top Navy Pilot.

Commander Buck Bucklin’s been called many things. When Admiral Harry Sloane needs a certain type of man for a certain type of mission, he decides Buck is the man for the job. And the next tough job, and the next.

In Buck’s Call to Duty, come along for the ride as he breaks the rules, shocks his commanding officers, earns the respect and loyalty of the men he commands and ascends the Navy chain of command──doing it the only way he can.

From the cockpit of his warplane, to the bridge of a carrier off the coast of Vietnam, to the halls of the Pentagon and the inner worlds of the powerful elite in Washington, DC, Buck takes on Russian MIG fighters, hostile Navy brass and spiteful politicians with determination and courage in this rollicking jaunt that reveals the day-to-day struggles of a Naval aviator and officer tasked with the impossible.

Buck Bucklin takes on all comers with the help of comrade Zeke Slater, his courageous and loyal wife Sue, and family friend Lana Burton, who wants to be so much more. When Buck overcomes all obstacles, find out how the military elite dirty deals an all-American hero in this riveting historical drama set in the early days of the Vietnam War.


Trade Paperback
Stairway Press

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