One Man’s Cheerful Interaction with the Harbingers of Global Warming Doom

by Ken Coffman

From the Introduction:

Over the years, Ken cheerfully interacted with progressive activists cynically using the human-caused global warming meme to advance a free-enterprise-hating, progressive agenda. These exchanges documented in Buffoon–typically consist of name-calling and insults–create an entertaining reading experience. Regardless of your point of view, studying the battleground arguments is educational.


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Stairway Press

What others are saying about Buffoon

“Brilliant and Precise

You would think that people with an axe to grind against logic or the presumed lack of it, would use logic somewhere to contest it. But honestly, perhaps I am another buffoon. I don't get it. However, with two forgotten Masters in Physics from two of the best colleges, may I say this?:---- Newton's law was knowingly modified or improved by Einstein. He didn't ever say Newton was wrong did he? Certainly not with an outraged sense of modesty. Similarly, Feynman, Schrodinger, Heisenberg et al, built on Classical Mechanics to create Quantum Mechanics. They are complementary...one is a first approximation of the other, that's all. No one has said that Newton or Einstein was either "vicious" or stupid. They all built on the foundations of simplicity. The basis of the improvement was indeed simple. And it is true that the likelihood of something being wrong is proportional to the complexity of the argument. That is why the concept of KISS came about: Keep it Simple Stupid. Where I come from originally, we always have a bunch of soothsayers sitting by the roadside, emphatically claiming that say, on June 21, the world will be over. Thankfully, on June 22 they move on to another location or show up in a disguise. Not what Professors do, it seems! In contrast, Ken, and I know him for a decade, is truly a brilliant mind. In general, agreement and disagreement must be based on facts, not fixed notions like "let's hang the first person who dare says the earth is round" and so on. Logic! Someone may claim Ken is not using it, or is "vicious" somewhere, but where does that place that person with a far more obvious lack of logic and an almost disabling level of viciousness and outraged indignation, which is very suspicious in itself if you ask me. Almost like a personal or religious belief is being desperately protected. Can we talk facts for a change? Can we ever understand or at least accept an opposite viewpoint? One that doesn't shatter our comfort level, however blind our comfort level? Ken is a master. You just need to read his books far more carefully. Or it may really bother you!”

    – Masan, 5 Star Amazon Review


“Ken Coffman’s “Buffoon” finally brings some long-needed levity to the angry capitalism-caused take-no-prisoners climate gloom- and- doom mayhem-and-mantra. Whew, thank you! I’m beginning to feel a bit safer being a world-on-fire skeptic again.”

    – Larry Bell, author of Climate of Corruption: Politics and Power Behind the Global Warming Hoax and Scared Witless: Prophets and Profits of Climate Doom