Creaking Door

by Alejo Melendez

From the Introduction:

A captivating thriller that combines outdoor subsistence morality, an intelligent murder mystery, farce and whimsy with a nod to the West Coast of Oahu, the last frontier to be conquered and absorbed into the modern world. The Waianae Coast and Makaha Valley are characters in this story and are given a rightful place—avoiding a cheap, movie set personification. Hollywood has never made a real film about Hawaii. They have shot on location, exploited the picturesque scenery, and “whitewashed” supposed local characters with mainstream Caucasians who do not represent our Aina. The story pays homage to Hawaiians and Hawaiian names, the immigrant natives who have been woven into its tapestry, and the respect they have for the land and the culture.

A recent movie was made titled “Aloha.” It had nothing to do with aloha and once again poor Hawaii was nothing more than an exploited backdrop. The final straw for this author was when the female romantic lead, with lily white skin and no trace of a local accent or enunciation, actually had the temerity to say “I’m Hawaiian.” The gall of those writers.


Trade Paperback
Stairway Press

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