by Dale Cozort


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From the Introduction:

An outstanding new science fiction adventure, Exchange, by Dale R. Cozort. In a fast-paced and thought-provoking adventure, Sharon Mack must survive many challenges in a new world to save her daughter. A series of Exchanges swaps town-sized realities with dangerous places and times amongst huge creatures, escaped convicts and excitement!


Stairway Press


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Exchange starts with a seemingly ‘normal’ disaster. Sharon Mack, an average citizen (or at least she seems so at the beginning of the book) is conscripted by the military to help other citizens deal with the situation. The military is well-practiced, and as the story first unfolds, we understand why: a sphere-shaped piece of our world has suddenly switched places with an alternate reality.
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After making it through the whole book, I was really very attached to the concepts and story itself. The characters were lively, I cared how it all turned out, and as the final pages came to fruition, I full expected a sequel to be in process.
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One of the best things about Dale Cozort's Exchange is the interesting blend of genres. His remarkable facility and affinity for alternate history shine in this work, as well as the sci-fi hints, and the romantic elements as well.
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I was pleasantly surprised by this novel. While there were elements about the main character that made her a little unbelieveable, all in all the novel was an enjoyable read.
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This plot is excellent. While the idea of modern man ending up in the wilds with the likes of saber tooth tigers, dinosaurs, and other ancient creatures, is not new, the reason for this in Exchange is unique. The set up of the swap and how it fits into later parts of the plot make quite a story.
Exchange is very interesting and I recommended to anyone who likes a general science fiction action story with a spot of romance.
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