Free Expression in Canada

Surrendered to Diversity and Multiculturalism

by Robert Martin

From the Introduction:

Robert Martin shines the spotlight of truth on the dismal state of free speech in Canada. With impeccable research and a clear, conversational tone, Robert provides devastating commentary on the absurdity of political correctness and post-modern liberalism.


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What others are saying about Free Expression in Canada

“Mary McCarthy was correct when she said bureaucracy is the rule of no one—the modern form of despotism. Unfortunately, when you push back, then you experience how freedom of expression is muzzled by an unaccountable bureaucracy using and misusing the rules and the law. The price is higher— financially, emotionally, and productively—than most citizens can pay. Robert Martin captures the essential threats to freedom of expression in Canada. You can fight city hall, but don’t expect them to make it easy."

    - DR. TIM BALL, Environmentalist, Public Speaker, Consultant, Author and Columnist


"Rob Martin's lucidity will make you contemplate the whole horizon of the law."

    - JULIAN PORTER, Queen's Counsel and co-author of Canadian Libel Practice


"In The Most Dangerous Branch, Robert Martin describes, details, identifies and documents beyond all doubt how our Supreme Court has destroyed our national heritage, our constitution and our democracy. Never has any Canadian conservative produced such an incisive catalogue of calamity."

    - TED BYFIELD, founder of the Alberta Report and Western Report newsmagazines and general editor of the Christian history book series The Christians: Their First Two Thousand Years