Ghost Words and other Echoes

by Adina Pelle


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From the Introduction:

A collection of short stories…memoirs, morality tales, and parables. Ultimately uplifting and fascinating tales of life, love, sex and family. Adina Pelle creates a world in a series of short vignettes representing a combination of memoir, philosophy, wisdom and cautionary tales..these are parables for our modern life.


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What others are saying about Ghost Words and other Echoes

There are moments in Adina Pelle's GHOST WORDS and OTHER ECHOES that cut like shattered glass. There are also instances of breathtaking beauty and images that will haunt you. Read the rest of the review at Amazon

Some things once said cannot be taken back. "Ghost Words: And Other Echoes" is a collection of short stories from Adina Pelle. Almost flash fiction, she presents her stories, which sometimes carry narrative over multiple tales, in very short bite-sized morsels that easy to digest and enjoy. Read the rest of the review at Amazon

A ghostly image of the grandmother of author Adina Pelle escorts us from the front cover of "Ghost Words and Other Echoes" to the back, amid reverberations of life drawn upon every page between the covers. Read the rest of the review at Amazon