Hartz String Theory (Paperback)

by Ken Coffman


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From the Introduction:

√úbernerd Mike Thomas works in the engineering lab late at night-using borrowed equipment to bridge relativity theory and quantum physics by experimenting with hexavalent Cesium and standing microwaves. He comes to the attention of various entities, including the Sovereign Union of Vagabonds, the Agents of Karnage, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and Polly, the pretty clerk who works in Document Control. Will he survive long enough to reinvent the world and get the girl?


Paperback (4.25″x7″)
Stairway Press

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If you are a big fan of Ken Coffman fiction you'll love this variation in subject and style. Highly intelligent work as we've come to expect from the author of Glen Wilson's odyssey , Hartz String Theory presents the reader with a maze of clever plots converging all into a great tale of mystery, suspense , seduction and a brilliant theory. Read the rest of the review at Amazon

"Hartz String Theory" is a choice pick for those who love science fiction. Read the rest of the review at Amazon