Higher Miseducation

A Dissident’s Essays on the Assault against Liberal Learning

by Jack Kerwick

From the Introduction:

Although it’s self-evident to observers of the contemporary academic scene, far too few of those parents whose kids are college-bound seem to be aware of the conflict raging within academia over its soul. The classical ideal of a liberal arts education has long been under attack. Specifically, the idea of reason and its concomitants—objectivity, truth, and knowledge—are now systematically dismissed as the function of “White Privilege,” “racism,” “patriarchy,” etc. by the postmodern leftist ideologues dominating colleges and universities. The assault against liberal learning is nothing less than an assault against the civilization—the West—that produced this ideal. There are, however, some academic dissidents who remain committed to the ideal of a liberal arts education. This book, written for an educated laity, is one dissident’s attempt to defend the ideal by bringing attention to the assaults to which it’s routinely subjected.


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