Mohamed 2.0: Disruption Manifesto

Disruption Manifesto

by David J. Cord

From the Introduction:

In a fascinating, well-written treatise, David J. Cord documents the rise and fall of Mohamed el-Fatatry’s social media experiment: Muxlim, which could be described as analogous to a Facebook for the online Muslim community. Are Muslims, particularly the young, only interested in hate and destruction? No, like everyone else, most are real, down-to-earth people interested in fashion, gossip, sports, music, dance and linking and chatting with their online friends in the global, one-world community. Al-Fatatry’s venture failed, but the goal remains as vital as it ever was, only more. Aren’t we tired of negativity and destructive stereotypes? If so, this book is a step in a refreshing positive direction. Buy it today and strike a blow for world peace and multicultural harmony.


Trade Paperback
Schilds & Soderstroms
Date of Publication:
April 2012

What others are saying about Mohamed 2.0: Disruption Manifesto

"Embellished with vivid imagery and the perspectives of the various actors at play, the book follows El-Fatatry as he rubs shoulders with notable figures both here and abroad during his quest to make Muxlim a viable business."

    -Helsinki Times