Power Integrity Using ADS

The Practical Engineer’s Guide to Simulating Power for RF, Microwave and High Speed Digital Systems

by Steven M. Sandler and Anto K. Davis

From the Introduction:

The need for improved Power Distribution Network (PDN) design is becoming more essential due to its impact on both signal quality and Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI). Year-by-year, acceptable power integrity gets more challenging due to ever-increasing processor and data transmission speeds. A well-designed PDN is vital to a system’s performance.

Resolving power integrity challenges require a PDN design that handles multidimensional problems in power electronics, control loop theory, capacitor modeling, inductor modeling, transmission line effects, electromagnetic effects, DC drop, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) effects and plane resonances.

Many software tools simulate in these areas, but generally, provide suitable analysis in only one or two.

In Power Integrity Using ADS, Keysight Technologies’ Advanced Design System (ADS) is used as the baseline simulation tool because of its ease in handling interlinked areas under one simulation umbrella. It is the world’s leading Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software package for RF, microwave, high speed digital and power electronics applications.

In Power Integrity Using ADS, award-winning and internationally recognized power integrity experts, Steven M. Sandler and Anto K. Davis, provide an easy roadmap for navigating the complexity of ADS for the working engineer.


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