Regime Change You Can Believe In

The Minimalist Joy of Opting Out

by Jack Perry

From the Introduction:

Learn how to live on as little as possible and accept it as a way of life–then celebrate it. The inevitable economic collapse could be a year away or it could be ten years away, but if you’re already living frugally, what difference does it make? Opt out as a way of life and enjoy your new-found freedom. The less hold money has on you, the less you deal with it beyond having enough for essentials, the less time you waste with it. If you buy into the world’s financial basket or the Made-in-China lifestyle sold to you, you’re enslaved by money. Who printed it or pressed the button that created it from nothing? They are your master. When the fiat currency collapses, as it always does, the slaves will run around looking for new masters. Opt out now.

This book explores the political and economic conditions that have led up to our current crisis in government and leadership. It also explores the roots of today’s epidemic terrorism and why the United States government cannot solve this problem in the way they are going about it. When every president delivers what he promised he would not and does not deliver what he promised, when no war can be won and only leads to another within a decade or less, and when no economic prosperity lasts more than five years at the most, we need to fully understand why this is happening. Because in understand them, we can understand where we must place our own trust.


Trade Paperback
Stairway Press

What others are saying about Regime Change You Can Believe In

“Jack Perry has created an important work filled with insight and a unique perspective into the perfumed, modern, and digital lifestyle that we take for granted. Thoreau and his fellow transcendentalists would be proud that individualism in act and thought is not entirely dead in America, and that some people do slip through the cracks and share their ideas with the rest of us.”

    – Instructor Too, 5 Star Amazon Review


“This is written in such a way that it is as if Jack was sitting in my living room and carrying on a good conversation. Our country is a mess in so many ways that it is just mind numbing to think about it. I an 69 years old and now retired so I have seen quite a bit of US history. Jack presents this very well and offers several ways individuals can cope with the current problems. We can't change all of these issues but we can adapt to conditions and prosper. I read this in two days and enjoyed every minute of it!”

    – Tom C., 5 Star Amazon Review


“No more sleepless nights. Jack Perry has outlined the current issues and gave a way out of the madness. Unplug! I decided he was right and did it.”

    – Judith Sanders, 5 Star Amazon Review