Scared Witless

Prophets and Profits of Climate Doom

by Larry Bell

From the Introduction:

Debunking climate industry fear-mongering …

Forbes and Newsmax columnist Larry Bell exposes powerful players and agendas behind political science-premised climate alarmism. Written for the layperson by an internationally distinguished expert on space and other extreme environments, he deftly deflates overheated myths and deliberate distortions with cool-headed facts, perceptive analysis and humor.

With meticulous research, Professor Bell takes on formidable special interest groups. He addresses such issues as why and how some of the world’s most influential scientific institutions have become corrupted, what ideological and financial purposes are served by demonization of carbon dioxide as a planet-ravaging “pollutant”, and how these climatological deceptions connect with grossly exaggerated alternative energy claims and the UN’s blatant global wealth redistribution agenda.

Scared Witless, together with Larry’s previous book, Climate of Corruption: Politics and Power Behind the Global Warming Hoax, offers a devastating portrayal of international government and scientific establishments run amok. Both provide important information and commentary for those who are fed up with media-trumpeted climate crisis insanity and destructive regulatory policy consequences.


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What others are saying about Scared Witless

Scared Witless delivers much forewarning on the nature of the climate-hysteria business, especially for those just entering the climate debate market of ideas. . . Written in a quite readable, folksy style, Scared Witless provides an understanding and perspective much needed for the layperson and professional alike regarding the level of human culpability to climate change. . . Once again, professor Bell has provided a valuable tool that can be used in the deconstruction of the superficial edifice of “settled” climate science. Scared Witless has put the prophets and profits of climate doom on notice – knowledgeable challengers will not go quietly."

    – Anthony J. Sadar, a certified consulting meteorologist, is author of In Global Warming We Trust: A Heretic’s Guide to Climate Science (St. Louis: Telescope Books)


“I have been reading Larry Bell’s commentaries on the Forbes magazine site for a long time. He is a Professor of Architecture at the University of Houston, but he is known to his readers as one of the most perceptive writers about the global warming/climate change hoax with which we have been living since the late 1980s. He brings a host of facts along with his opinion, making him invaluable to those trying to sort out the lies. His latest book is Scared Witless: Prophets and Profits of Climate Doom ($22.95, Stairway Press, softcover) and if you have been promising yourself you want to know the truth about the alleged threats to planet Earth, then this most certainly is the book to read. You will learn how and why billions have been squandered by our government and others on the apocalyptic myths that have been repeated endlessly in the mainstream media. There is no scientific basis to much of what is still being taught in our schools and presented as climate policy by the government and the many environmental groups that profit from keep everyone frightened. Bell’s book is easy to read which is a blessing when you consider the science it addresses and presents.”

    – Alan Caruba, of


“Larry Bell’s Scared Witless exposes how the global puppetmasters, international governments and the UN, environmental organizations, scientific establishments and the all too compliant media have orchestrated what may be the greatest and most dangerous-to-mankind hoax ever perpetrated. Their motivation is taxation or profit and an ideological shared desire to replace our energy and global economic system. They have conducted a focus group based marketing campaign to convince the public to buy their expensive “solutions” to stop climate change they claim is running amok. These solutions threaten many hundreds of millions of people worldwide, especially the poor including those who are newly impoverished by their policies.

Climate activists expect us to ignore the total failures of models and manipulated data that don’t agree with their alarmist predictions. They characterize CO2 as a  greenhouse monster responsible for an ever- growing list of headline-grabbing weather disasters. They ignore the scientific method, claiming the science is settled and that since all “real scientists” agree, factual validation is no longer required.

As more and more people are beginning to question unsupportable climate alarm claims and challenge false science we are witnessing the sort of stepped up  hysterical fear-mongering  tactics that Leon Festinger  predicted in When Prophecies Fail. Accordingly, Scared Witless is an essential read for those who are tired of the relentless government and media offensive on their sensibility, especially one that seriously threatens the future of their loved ones and this great country.”

    – Joe D’Aleo, Certified meteorologist and first director of meteorology at The Weather Channel


“Larry Bell's new book, Scared Witless: Prophets and Profits of Climate Doom, reminds me of Thomas Paine's celebrated pamphlet Common Sense, published by a brave Philadelphia namesake, Robert Bell in 1776. Common Sense laid out how King George III and his henchmen were using "noble lies" to justify their attempted enslavement of the American  people.  Scared Witless explains how the contemporary climate movement is trying to use noble lies to scare the American people into surrendering their hard-won rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to would-be philosopher kings.

In an entertaining, common-sense style Scared Witless recounts the forces behind climate movement. The dubious science that has been invoked to buttress the cause is clearly described -- from the infamous "hockey-stick" temperature record to non-existent dangers from ocean "acidification." There is nary an equation, but for those interested in more detail, there are excellent citations of  more quantitative sources in  scientific journals and books. The non-scientific drivers of the movement are revealed with great lucidity  --  from the "profits" mentioned in the title, to the lust for political power.  I hope that  Scared Witless will enjoy the same success in American society as Common Sense did more than 200 years ago.”

    – William Happer, Professor of Physics, Emeritus, Princeton University


“It's all here, ladies and gentlemen. The bogus science, the scheming and the scams, the plots, the paybacks, the crony considerations. It's all laid out in a friendly and folksy prose without pretensions or rationalizations. Just the facts. There is no anger here, just a wistful thoroughly knowledgeable person bearing witness to the central fiasco of our era -- catastrophic global warming -- and its entourage of associated corrupt practices and events. Whether it is EPA, the many rent seekers profiting at the public trough, the central government policy wonks dreaming up endless ways to make government yet larger, the greens with their basketful of money and their army of lawyers equipped to push for the judgements they need, the prophets of doom who never fail to "fail upward" despite their track record of utter failure, and of course the current occupant of the White House,... the reader will meet the whole cast of characters. Amply referenced, Dr. Bell's latest book "Scared Witless: Prophets and Profits of Climate Doom" will educate any reader who is not so cognitively dissonant as to reject fact altogether. It will arm anyone who suspected the worst with the facts to confirm that suspicion. Highly recommended, the only suggestion I would make is that a book this rich in content deserves a good index to help move it from an educational read to an educational reference, and through it to Dr. Bell's many educational columns.”

    – Roger W. Cohen, Fellow, American Physical Society


“Awesome That somebody finally gets it ! The climate always changes and has been for billions of years here on earth. Far greater warming periods and cooling periods than experienced now, and far greater concentrations of CO2, as one of the "supposed" greenhouse gases that are blamed by all the hysterians and alarmists. Our oceans both emit and absorb quantities of CO2 that are orders of magnitude larger than what mankind could ever produce. Too, and factually, we happen to be in a period where CO2 is actually at a long term deficit, so if anything, we have a much larger risk of going into a mini ICE age, than of any sort of 'warming'. That all said, it's still a good thing to focus on better resource use, cleaner air, and sustainability. Let's just not get all hyped up about stuff that is so wrong, and so mis-leading, it's borderline criminal behavior. And at the very least, I'm incredibly unethical - I point right to Al Gore when I say that. Check out the size of his mansion sometime, and understand the hypocrite for what he truly is. And buy this book.”

    – Mike in Chicago, 5 Star Amazon Review


“Great! Deals the subject with supported facts...not some misguided precepts from groups who either benefit personally or politically or for financial gain. Lays the grounds for true debate.”

    – Edward J. Pavelek, 5 Star Amazon Review


“I met Larry Bell shortly after reviewing his 2011 book Climate of Corruption: Politics and Power Behind The Global Warming Hoax. A book brought about through his friendship with renowned climate scientist Fred Singer to whom this new book is dedicated. Larry’s first book led to his selection as a columnist for Forbes and Newsmax. More than three hundred columns later he has become, in my opinion, the most astute analyst of all that goes on in our world of environmental terrorism, perpetrated by our government with the full but somewhat veiled support of the many environmental zealot groups whose vast income is derived from this very terror. Their intention for whatever reason is to bring society as we know it to its knees.

For a few years a number of us have implored Larry to consolidate his best columns into a book for posterity. He refused until now, and this new book makes it obvious why. He could not, in his words from the Preface, create a "patchwork of old articles". He knew he would have to start from scratch and that is what he finally did. He reviewed his vast storehouse of knowledge gained from years of weekly analytical columns. He then created a perfectly coordinated fresh approach to explaining the fix we are in and how we got here at the hands of those who for whatever reason desire to march society backwards into The Dark Ages.

If you care about our environment, our government, our children, our future and society in general, you must read this amazing book. There have now been many outstanding books describing the damage being done by environmental zealotry, most of which I cited in my recent paper encouraging the phase out of the EPA as we know it. But none have chronologically and precisely taken you down the destructive path we will continue to follow if enough of us do not rise up with The Heartland Institute, and force an end to the socialist goal of destroying our productive capitalist society.

Larry works his magic in only 227 uncrowded narrative pages with a prose style equivalent to his chatting with you. His 18 brief chapters deal with laser like precision on the fraudulent climate consensus, the climate modeling travesty, the famous Hockey Stick, how real data is ignored, the political destruction of science, the climate religion, impacts on your neighborhood, melting glaciers, coral reef health, biodiversity fraud, green energy madness, biofuel pipe dreams, fossil fuel lies, the EPA Rampage, Green Fascism, carbon taxes, from Malthus to Ehrlich to Holdren to McCarthy, and finally the United Nation's plan for America and how to defund it.

I can't summarize this book but I can tantalize readers with some material that was new to me after 45 years of studying EPA. Larry quotes Mikhail Gorbachev in 1996' "the threat of environmental crisis will be the international disaster key to unlock The New World Order". He quotes the U.S. Government Accounting Office as saying between 2003 and 2010 a total of $106.7 billion was spent on climate issues, which does not include the $79 billion spent for climate change technology research, tax breaks for green energy and foreign aid to other countries to address their climate problems.

He tells us ""the federal government regulatory operations cost $54 billion a year, bigger than the combined expenditures of McDonalds, Ford, Disney and Boeing". Those many billions fund the growth of government agencies that depend upon public fear; university departments that bend objectivity to secure research grants; activist environmental groups that rely on crisis premised donations to support lobbying and media programs; anti-fossil alternative energy lobbies seeking special subsidies, and a wide range of politicians, prophets and profiteers who cash in on save the world hype.

Bigger problems ensue, he says, "when monstrous regulatory bureaucracies are allowed to inflict callous abuse and endangerment upon legal and economic structures of the very society they were established to protect. And this is clearly occurring.”

Until you read chapter 15 Green Fascism, you could not possibly imagine the collusion going on the past ten years between EPA and the Sierra Club, the American Lung Association, Environmental Defense and a host of other groups who receive grants from EPA then sue them and settle on a prearranged settlement plan. Concurrently their personnel move from EPA to those groups and back again through the revolving door of their coordinated attack on American industry. And did you know that many of these groups are funded secretly, escaping public notice, by a billionaires club described by Larry through a quote from a Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works Minority Staff Report (before the 2014 election) which said:

"While it is uncertain why they operate in the shadows and what they are hiding, what is clear is that these individuals and foundations go to tremendous lengths to avoid public association with the far left environmental movement they so generously fund”.

This book provides unlimited ammunition for the climate/energy realists who support the work of Heartland and other free market libertarian organizations.”

    – Jay Lehr, Ph.D, Science Drector of The Heartland Institute