Steel Waters

Volume 1 of the Continuing Adventures of Glen Wilson

by Ken Coffman, with Mark Bothum


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From the Introduction:

Here’s where it all begins…Glen Wilson goes to Bolivia and is drafted into the drug trade. Get your copy and get on board with the excitement…you don’t want to be the only person in America who has not experienced the wild ride.


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What others are saying about Steel Waters

Mr. Coffman has created a great character in Glen Wilson. The colorful and unique way Glen sees and describes the world (and its inhabitants) is original, genius and comic all at the same time. He is the book, and carries it well. His unique, and often brilliant, problem-solving skills make for a fun ride. Read the entire review at Amazon.

Glen Wilson is a new, refreshing adventure character who ads a little 'damn the man' bravado to his character line. Touches on some of the things that are happening on the inside of the capitol beltway. Very enjoyable and entertaining...Read the entire review at Amazon.