Tainted By Suspicion

The Secret Deals and Electoral Chaos of Disputed Presidential Elections

by Fred Lucas


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From the Introduction:

The almost-presidencies of Aaron Burr or Al Gore would have created a different world.

Four presidential elections were not decided on election day, but were rather decided by another branch of government. And in three cases, large segments of Americans viewed the president as illegitimately selected rather than legitimately elected.

The infant nation could have been ripped apart in 1800, when the election that began between Adams and Jefferson turned into the Jefferson and Burr.

The old order maintained its final grasp on power against Jacksonian democracy in 1824.

Barely a decade after recovering from the bloody Civil War, the country nearly went to war again over the 1876 contest.

And 2000 saw the Supreme Court essentially decide a deadlocked presidential race.

Tainted by Suspicion provides a White House correspondent’s perspective of contested elections, taking a more reportorial than historical viewpoint, including interviews with leading experts and politicos about the lasting consequences of controversial electoral history.

These experts give the reader insight into what-if scenarios, if the elections turned out differently, as they so easily could have.


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What others are saying about Tainted By Suspicion

“Fred Lucas has performed a valuable service amid a tumultuous election year in reminding us all of our four most controversial elections, contests settled only by the intervention of other branches of government while many in the nation cried fraud. He does so in a book that moves easily between a well-researched work of history and a novel-like examination of what might have been if the outcome had gone the other way. Overall, it’s a timely and welcome reminder of how earlier citizens struggled to 'make America great.'”

    – George Condon, Chief White House Correspondent, National Journal


“Tainted by Suspicion is rich in detail, mesmerizing and meaty. You think politics today is tough? You ain’t seen nothing till you’ve read Fred Lucas’s Tainted by Suspicion. Engrossing. Must Read. A page turner.”

    – Craig Shirley, author of three critically praised bestselling books on President Reagan, Rendezvous with Destiny: Ronald Reagan and the Campaign that Changed America, Reagan's Revolution: The Untold Story of the Campaign That Started It All and Last Act: The Final Years and Emerging Legacy of Ronald Reagan.


“The thing about historical trivia is that its not trivial. Fred Lucas, wise in the ways of Washington (both George and DC), has penned a book exploring the presidential election controversies, highlighting those in particular where one man won the popular vote and the other won the electoral college. I love books that capture the moments in pivotal elections. It is a great way to study history, akin to using an autopsy to study anatomy. If you want to know what politics was like in 1800, 1824, 1876, 1888, and 2000 no work can give you a better insight. This book is for junkees. Like me.”

    – Dick Morris, best selling author, former presidential advisor.


“I've sat next to Fred in the White House briefing room for years, and have known for quite some time that he's a diligent reporter and gifted writer. Tainted by Suspicion reflects those skills -- this is really a terrific read. It's important for Americans to understand that election controversies are nothing new -- and go all the way back to the beginning. Fred covers a lot of ground and he covers it well. Jefferson-Adams in 1800, Jackson-John Quincy Adams in 1824, Hayes-Tilden in 1876 and Bush-Gore in 2000 - and more - these are great stories and Fred brings history to life. Great book and highly recommended.”

    – Paul Brandus, White House bureau chief, West Wing Reports and author of Under This Roof - the White House and Presidency