The Girl Who Cried Wolf

Be Careful Who You Kidnap

by Robert Ferrigno

From the Introduction:

Getting kidnapped on a visit to Seattle wasn’t in Remy Brandt’s agenda. A tightly-wound L.A. entertainment attorney, Remy has meetings to take and orders to give, but the three knucklehead environmentalists who snatch her have other plans. Remy wakes up in the middle of a national forest, resting on a platform strung between the branches of a gigantic cedar tree. The kidnappers demand that her hedgefund-manager father deed over his old growth timber holdings. Remy demands a triple-espresso and a bowl of fresh raspberries. It gets worse. Her father is dodging subpoenas for insider trading and can’t be reached. Her boyfriend, left for dead by the kidnappers, can’t get the FBI interested because at age 16, Remy faked her own kidnapping, and ran off with the pool boy. It’s up to the boyfriend, an ex-cop with a short temper, to find her. The kidnappers should be worried about him… they should be even more worried about Remy.


Trade Paperback
Stairway Press

What others are saying about The Girl Who Cried Wolf

"The Girl Who Cried a swift thriller and a wickedly funny satire of the more fuzzyheaded wing of the environmental movement."

    – The Seattle Times

"What is distinctive about Ferrigno's gripping action is that it is often set in a natural world whose appeal he makes the reader vividly feel."

    – New York Times

"Kinky-to-the-max. Ferrigno can make you afraid, he can make you laugh, and he can make you keep turning the pages."

    – The Washington Post Book World

"Ferrigno has a gift for creating confrontations of high impact and his dialogue bites hard. He balances the tough doings with a strong sense of moral outrage and compassion."

    – Los Angeles Times Book Review

"An awesomely good writer."

    – Elmore Leonard

"I never miss a book by Robert Ferrigno."

    – Michael Connelly