The Ladder Out of Poverty

The Great Society Promised to End Poverty in America. It Did Not Work. Here is a Solution That Will Work.

by James Moodey

From the Introduction:

The problem of poverty is complicated; however, the author’s study takes a creative approach to answer the question. The approach is to divide poverty into transient and chronic. Chronic poverty consists of people who are trapped in poverty.

A surprising finding of the study was that chronic poverty nearly always has a single cause. This means, if we identify the cause, the problem can be simply and permanently solved.

There was another finding; that some causes of chronic poverty, when cured, significantly reduce transient poverty as well. That is where we come closest to accomplishing goal of the Great Society—to end poverty in America.

This book focuses on causes of chronic poverty. As you will learn, politicians are ignoring these problems.

The largest cause of chronic poverty in the United States is surprising. Its solution is a true ladder out of poverty for millions. The solution would consist of about a half page of legislation, which is offered in the book. What is stopping us?


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