The Sky Dragon Slayers

Victory Lap

by George Chilingar, Derek Alker, and John O’Sullivan

From the Introduction:

In any objective field of science, if a theory fails the predictive requirement, then that theory is discarded. But in climate research not everything is at is appears. Exposed is the greenhouse gas chimera–mythical sky dragon.

The world has witnessed a frenzy of unverifiable claims that human emissions of a trace gas–carbon dioxide–are causing unprecedented global warming. Despite the relentless rise of levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2), global temperatures refuse to show any statistically meaningful rise.

The Sky Dragon Slayers: Victory Lap reveals in forensic detail how the evidence relied upon by policymakers and environmentalists to swell alarm is mostly untrustworthy and bungled secret science manufactured by a clique of well-funded government researchers.

Long-held assumptions are depicted as fact, while unknowns and uncertainties, which should have been declared, are unethically cloaked in a veneer of confident predictions of impending doom and gloom.

Herein, unpicking this dilemma is a stellar team of authors and researchers–the Slayers of sky dragons. Among them are some of the world’s foremost scientists. They include Dr. Tim Ball, the internationally renowned climatologist; Dr. Pierre R. Latour, a world-leading expert on carbon dioxide recently honored with a lifetime achievement award in science and Dr. George V. Chilingar, among the world’s most decorated applied scientists who served the United Nations with distinction as science adviser.

The most astonishing conclusion reached, after thorough examination of all the evidence, is that carbon dioxide more likely cools, not warms our planet. It is the polar opposite of what consensus claims have told us. The biggest climate threat we face isn’t warming, but a new ice age!


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