The Trainer's Toolbox

The Secrets to Creating a Successful Seminar from Scratch

by Margit Macchia

From the Introduction:

The Trainer’s Toolbox is a working tool that every seminar leader and trainer can use for creating and presenting their own workshops with ease and with proven knowledge that actually works.

The book has precise information to enhance any workshop or seminar. It is easy to read, without any “schnick schnack” and especially leaves out the stuff people really don’t need. It gives an outline of how, when, where, and what is important in order to create a successful workshop or seminar.

The Trainer’s Toolbox gives you a precise outline for creating a 30 minute presentation, and describes how the trainer can sell his/her product or course or workshop at the end.

This knowledge has been gathered by the author for the past 18 years, through thousands of hours of volunteer time, as well as personal hands-on experience as an international trainer, coach, and workshop leader.

The book is well organized in chapters that give you valuable information, step by step instructions, and the know-how to become a successful trainer. It also can be used as an easy reference for looking up specific issues that will enable you to do an outstanding job.

The 5 major toolbox chapters cover:

• How to set up the logistics before you start planning your presentation.

• What you need to know about effectively setting up your seminar room.

• Why a stage, flip chart, and microphone are important for your workshop/seminar.

• Why and how to create a team that can support both you as a trainer and the participants.

• How to deal with difficult people and make them your biggest fans.

• How to use your time on stage and your breaks to your advantage.

• What the secrets are to being powerful, charismatic, effective, and profitable.

• How to best interact with your participants so they have fun, learn a ton, and want to come back for more.

• How to create a step by step presentation, including what to do and what to say.

After reading The Trainer’s Toolbox:

• You will have your own 30/60/90 minute course planned and will be ready to give it within the shortest possible preparation time.

• You will know the secrets to having a successful sale that the most powerful international trainers use in their own seminars.

• You will get two invaluable templates that will help you create the 30 minute and a one day seminar within a few hours.

No trainers or entrepreneurs that are called to speak on any stage should be without The Trainer’sToolbox.


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What others are saying about The Trainer's Toolbox

“Thanks a lot Margit for your book - The Trainer’s Toolbox - as well as for your help in making me a better trainer! I have been awarded the STAR Trainer award in the Singapore Community Center. I am one of the Top 10 trainers out of 3000 candidates.”

    – Polly Lim, Engineer & I.T. Trainer, Singapore


“Margit is brilliant! Even before she put it into book form she was helping me with my business and seminars to increase participation and overall success. By success I mean large attendance and increased revenue to my company and me. I am still working on greater effectiveness but at $10,000 to $40,000 per day I am grateful to Margit for her help.”

    – Randall Wall, Real Estate Broker


“In my opinion this book is brilliant. It is clear, easy to read, without ‘Schnick Schnack’ and information people don’t need. It is very helpful for everyone who is starting to train and teach. Margit explains the most important things in a fantastic way that everyone will understand.”

    – Niels Fischer, FOI Therapist & Trainer, Switzerland


“Margit is one of the most authentic Trainers on the market. I was able to work with her in a life seminar as well as use her Trainer’s Toolbox to create my own profitable workshops. I not only know how to capture the audience for an hour, but I can keep them interested for days. This book is the know how explained for creating your workshops from scratch.”

    – Renate Hotz, Das kreACTIVE Erfolgsprogramm, Austria


“Margit targets key hotspots in her new book, The Trainer’s Toolbox, using a well thought out and concise formula based on her years of experience in coaching entrepreneurs on how to optimize their skills and hone in on success. She leaves no stones unturned along the way. This is a well-equipped toolbox that the serious presenter should use to build the foundation for successful workshops and seminars.”

    – Christine L. McKellar, Author, TV Host/Producer, Las Vegas, NV


“In The Trainer’s Toolbox, Margit shares a wealth of wisdom she has accumulated working with some of the best organizations and trainers in the world. The Trainer’s Toolbox fills a crucial need that trainers—and others from all walks of life—have for guidance about the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of creating a successful seminar from scratch. With The Trainer’s Toolbox, the Who of creating a successful seminar can be You!”

    – Brad Wiggins, Attorney, USA


“I love all the tips Margit offers in The Trainer’s Toolbox - The Secrets to Creating a Successful Seminar from Scratch. Margit breaks down the steps in simple, easy to follow instructions. Utilizing her tips will ensure a seamless event, where all the details have been looked after, leaving you to focus on your participants! Margit provides excellent advice for the beginner as well as the professional speaker.”

    – Carolyne Rodrigues, John Maxwell Coach & Success Trainer, Canada


“Margit is a Diamond! She is genuinely concerned with helping people, especially me! Her Trainer’s Toolbox book taught me lessons I needed to learn to make money: how to sell from the stage, how to educate an audience so they get it, and that a series of seminars is a good recurring revenue stream. She prepared me, so that when little things go wrong, I know how to handle them and carry on with confidence.”

    – Coach Steve, Founder & CEO,


“The seminar expert, and business coach Margit, conveys all her knowledge and years of experience in this masterpiece! She is a magnet on the stage and she accompanies her participants with heart and passion. The knowledge that she brings is clear and gives a great insight into the world of seminar businesses. Get in touch with your success and learn from Margit.”

    – Mag. Ariane Haller, CEO Creation Consulting, Austria