The Weaponization of AI and the Internet

How Global Networks of Infotech Overlords Are Expanding Their Control Over Our Lives

by Larry Bell

From the Introduction:

Human society is experiencing the very earliest beginnings of an expansively transformative and disruptive information revolution.

Exercised through the minds, hands and free choices of the many, such benefits are limitless. Controlled by the special interests and agendas of but an increasingly powerful few, the applications for social control and exploitation are equally boundless:

Remote surveillance and monitoring technologies follow and record us virtually everywhere-even in our own homes and cars.

Ever-present smart phone “voice assistants” listen in on our private conversations and snitch on us to uninvited outsiders.

Electronic eavesdroppers catalog our special interests, analyze our psychological profiles, and micro-target us for messaging.

Personal viewpoints expressed in social media exchanges are monitored and censored by politically- biased algorithms.

Expansively wired-together Internet-of-Things (IoT) networks and a rapid emergence of “smart cities” openly invite autocratic control.

Be very cautious of all-too-seductive invitations to trade away precious privacy for promises of increased convenience, efficiency, and security from predators.

Consider the fate of a frog in a shallow pan of water placed over a flame complacently adjusting to the temperature change until it’s too late to jump out.


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