When the Spirits Move: A Native American Creation Story

Volume 4 in the Whispers from the Past series

by Donald L. Ensenbach

From the Introduction:

The creation story has been written by many people who lived from the beginning of time by their oral stories told through generations becoming legends and myths, as many were unbelievable, and almost all, unsubstantiated. Then too, there were always storytellers who provided entertainment with stories they had heard from other storytellers or made up on their own. Some were told as lessons passed on to children, some were stories made up while under the influence of peyote, the drug of the Native American, and there were those that had been passed on through generations of the clan or family. Yes, legends and myths give us a peek at the past through eyes, hearts and minds of many long-ago lives lived, but not recorded. Enjoy the stories I have assembled from legends and myths, and some stories a storyteller like me made up.


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