Toonamint of Champions and Why Golf is So Exciting!

The Stairway Press Collected Edition

by Todd Sentell

From the Introduction:

Toonamint of Champions:

Stairway Press is proud to bring out the paperback version of the acclaimed Toonamint of Champions, perhaps the bravest sports novel ever written, and a 2008 candidate for the Thurber Prize for American Humor. In Toonamint, originally published in 2007, the author Todd Sentell predicted that Augusta National Golf Club, home of the Masters, would one day admit a black woman into their membership. The historic moment happened in 2012. Of course, Condoleezza Rice ain’t Toonamint’s LaJuanita Mumps, a sort of secretary of state of her own…a state of apocalyptic irreverence…and a constant agitator to her fiancé, Waymon Poodle, whose life goal is to play Augusta National Golf Club just one time before he dies. What ensues in this lunatic adventure has never been seen in the history of golf fiction. Frequently compared to A Confederacy of Dunces and I Love You, Beth Cooper, Toonamint of Champions is guaranteed to be the funniest and most raucous book you’ll ever read.

Why Golf is so Exciting!:

Ever had some dumb hick up and tell you about his round of golf—hole by dang hole? Ever been knocked on your skull real hard by a school bus? The numbing effect is exactly the same.

But in Why Golf is so Exciting! along comes the hump-backed Waddell Tiddybumpus to prove—all by himself, thumping along hole by hole—that a Saturday afternoon round of golf at the ol’ country club really is one of the most riveting of all human experiences. Of course, what memorable round of golf doesn’t involve some sex and violence and insane people? Waddell Tiddybumpus seems to attract the very best of the sport. God forbid if Saturday afternoon golf widows knew what fun their men were really having.

Why Golf is so Exciting! is written in a wildly engaging comic voice. In other words, if Dave Barry and the creepiest director ever, David Lynch, collaborated on a golf novel…then Why Golf is so Exciting! would be it.


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Stairway Press

What others are saying about Toonamint of Champions and Why Golf is So Exciting!

“Todd Sentell’s fictional Toonamint of Champions is like a convergence of NBC’s ‘The Office’ and Golf Channel’s ‘Big Break.’ The narrative is antic in the extreme and occasionally hysterical in its savage characterization of a certain oleaginous Southern golf gentility.”



“Golf inspires its share of mystical celebration, but it also provides fertile ground for low comedy-take Caddyshack, or the novels of Dan Jenkins and Rick Reilly. When it comes to over-the-top slapstick, though, golf journalist Sentell makes Jenkins and Reilly look like somber social realists out of the Emile Zola school.”



“If it’s wacky you want it’s wacky you’ll get with Toonamint of Champions Georgia humorist Todd Sentell’s spoof about a golf nut’s lifelong dream to putt around the Augusta National Golf Course and as a bonus have his non-golfing hairdresser girlfriend LaJuanita Mumps pinned as“the first ever” female member of the Club. Regardless of which way your funny bone swings Sentell’s Toonamint of Champions will give a brand new meaning to ‘par for the course.’”



“Todd Sentell is definitely a local author to watch. Toonamint of Champions has a lot of great creative energy in it. Very offbeat and very funny.”

    -Teresa Weaver, Atlanta Magazine


“Since reading this book, I’ve become a fan of other comedic authors, including Carl Hiaasen and Christopher Moore, but I think a new book has taken over the crown as my favorite funny book. Sentell has filled his story with bigger than life characters, and I was literally laughing on almost every page ... his is a unique writing style that’s basically full of run-on sentences, but his wordplay is fantastic. It’s sort of like Elmore Leonard, except nobodygets shot at the end of each sentence.”

    -Mike Sussman, Wordsmith Book Store where Toonamint was selected as one of the "Best books of 2007"


“I still refuse to read it.”

    -Todd's dear old Southern Baptist Mother